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We Support The Lacy Dog Breeders Association and The Lacy Dog Breeders Registry

Whether you call them Lacy Game Dogs, Blue Lacy Dogs, or some other name, these dogs will get in your blood, and work their tails off for you. They may have started in Texas, but Blue Lacy Dogs are finding homes all over the country now, as folks seek a working dog that also makes a great companion. The Blue Lacy Dog breed is not only expanding its range, but is also gaining a well deserved reputation as an all around working dog, easily trained to track, herd, tree, or a myriad of other tasks.

This website is here to provide information about the Blue Lacy Dog breed, including important information about the Lacy Dog Breeders Association, which supports these great dogs! It is also a place for owners and non-owners alike to discuss anything, and everything, about them. The gallery has lots of pictures of Blue Lacy Dogs in action too! So, welcome to our website. But be warned, you may end up owning one, or more, Blue Lacy Dogs after a visit here!

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